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Successful test of cement emulsified asphalt mortar

Successful test of cement emulsified asphalt mortar
Recently, a company's Beijing-Shanghai project cement emulsified asphalt mortar technology test one-time through the owner's assessment and acceptance of the unit has been successfully acceptance by the owner of the Beijing-Shanghai section of the first bid, but also marks the project has made a major breakthrough in the paving work.
The process test evaluation was conducted jointly by more than 30 experts from China Railway Research Institute, owner, supervision and other units invited by the Beijing-Shanghai project headquarters of the group company. Through careful inspection of relevant testing instruments and equipment for the project, the expert group inspected the on-site stripping test, cement emulsified asphalt mortar pouring technology, relevant management system and test data, and carefully listened to the "CRTS II slab ballastless track cement asphalt mortar filling technology test summary report", and agreed that the The pre-wetting, edge sealing, mixing and grouting technology of track slab and the effect of mortar after stripping meet the requirements of cement emulsified asphalt mortar grouting technology standards. The operation instructions and technology are detailed and comprehensive, and the conditions for upper track grouting are available.
The Beijing-Shanghai project of one company undertakes the task of laying the CRTS II track slab for 27.6 kilometers. The construction route is long, the construction period is tight, the task is heavy, the technical requirement is high, and the construction is difficult. In order to do well the preparatory work of track slab laying, the project is more than a month ahead of schedule, and meticulously organizes technicians and experimenters to tackle the key problems of cement emulsified asphalt mortar pouring technology. Different mixing and pouring technologies are used to carry out comparative tests, so as to overcome and master the technical difficulties of cement emulsified asphalt mortar. It provides a strong guarantee.