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Zhongxian Hengda Modified Asphalt Co., Ltd.

Introduction: No. 168, Wuyang Town Industrial Park, Zhongxian, Chongqing.


The company's address is located in Wuyang Town, Zhongxian County, Chongqing City. It is about 40 minutes'drive from Hubei Province to Chongqing by Huyu Expressway. The Zhongxian Service Area is exported. The next expressway is about 5 minutes' drive from our company's storage area. All of them are provincial roads.


The company is about 200 kilometers away from Chongqing, 110 kilometers away from Wanzhou and about 400 kilometers away from Chengdu.


The company is located in Zhongxian, a beautiful mountain city in the hinterland of the Three Gorges. It covers an area of more than 30 mu in Wuyang Economic Development Zone and faces south from the north. It has 6 asphalt storage tanks with 6,000 tons,1 asphalt storage tanks with 9,000 tons,1 asphalt storage tanks with 3,000 tons. Each asphalt storage tank is equipped with 100 tons rapid delivery equipment to achieve the best economy. The company is located in the mountain gorge reservoir area to consider environmental protection and other relevant government calls for the combustion of natural gas thermal oil furnace 1, the world's most advanced automobile weighing Metro - Toledo 100 tons of one. There are more than 1800 square meters of integrated office buildings.
Construction of 25 tons per hour modified asphalt production equipment, emulsified asphalt production equipment, and rubber asphalt production equipment.
The company has an independent wharf platform, an independent legal person wharf unit, a separate approval of the Yangtze River wharf shoreline 200 meters, designed as a dock-style U-shaped wharf structure, can berth three 3000 tons of asphalt or bulk cargo ships. There are two wharf platforms for use in the 145 m dry season and 175 meters. The actual length of the wharf pipeline is 260 meters. The pipeline is directly connected with the reservoir area. It can be loaded directly or put into the reservoir directly. The wharf is designed for asphalt wharf and can also run bulk cargo. Equipped with heavy equipment and so on.