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Hubei Hengda Asphalt Co. Ltd.

Our company is dedicated to the development of highway construction work. The company is located in the scenic city, Hubei Xianning Jiayu Panjiawan, a beautiful environment close to the largest river in China, the Yangtze river. The company is next to the Hubei province 207 highway for convenient transportation.
The company has 6 storage tank of 5000 tons capacity, and the second phase construction brought 3 storage tanks of 5500 tons capacity. The company has 2 storage and production tanks of 500 tons capacity, 4 modifying production tanks of 200 tons capacity, and 4 emulsifying modifying asphalt production tanks of 100 tons capacity. The total storage capacity reaches 49,000 tons. The company also has one steel-structure warehouse of 600 square meters, 2 sets of 4-ton heat-conducting oil boiler, 18 meters long and 100 tons of electronic truck scale, 2 sets of modifying production
equipment, 1 set of emulsifying equipment. The company also has one Yangtze River terminal line exclusive for the Hubei Hengda.
The warehouse delivery method is that the Yangtze River asphalt ship directly anchors in the landing pier, with asphalt pipeline transportation to the repository, and the designed transport capacity per hour is about 200 tons. Terminal is equipped with 8 meters wide and 20 meters long of a dedicated pontoon boat, exclusive for Hubei Hengda asphalt Pipeline length is 650 meters, and the pipe is heated by assistant heating pipe for the security of heating process, thus the quality of asphalt secured. The pipeline is also equipped with 2 x 50 kw relay asphalt pipe, to ensure that during the transmission the pipeline pressure will be under control.
Management personnel are all experienced staff with years of practical experience in operating the Pinghu Hengda company. The production and werehouse staff are hired in local market, with reasonable arrangement for human resources optimization. Import and export of goods have a relatively complete implementation of the procedures, multi signature confirmation, to ensure that there is no loophole in the program. The 
regulations and policies are all Hengda special, time-tested and practical after being proven by long-term practice. The company includes production department, security department, measurement department, statistics department and sales depart. The security department is the special feature of our company Staff in this department will not directly participate in production. They are mainly in charge of security and safety control.discovering the safety loopholes in the production, helping the company develop in a safe manner.
The company is of large scale in China Central area, possessing considerable advantages over other asphalt companies located around Wuhan. In the allocation of resources we can directly procure from the Sinopec production of all brands and specifications of asphalt products from Sinopec each point of sale.
In the future, the company will focus on highway construction of central China to make greater contribution The company will do everything for the clients, constructing the most cost-efficient roads, helping every client of our company achieve a new level of fulfilment. The company will be the most reliable partner on your way to success.